Local Community Supporters

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY  (East Bay, CA) - Ex-construction manager Paul Farrell stated, "We used Project: Team Work (PTW) at our Oakland site. PTW recycled the majority of the materials...completed the work in a professional and timely manner... [and] I would recommend their program."


URBAN ORE (in Berkeley, CA) - The highly acclaimed pioneer in the retail marketing of salvaged building materials, has long been a supporter of our mission. Peter Gillette, a manager back in 1994 wrote, "Urban Ore has long been recognized as a proponent of a philosophy that states, "Waste isn't waste until it's wasted." 

"...Project: Team Work salvages reuseable materials by the careful dismantling (as opposed to the wanton destruction) of buildings. As Urban Ore has spent the last eighteen years developing markets for salvaged materials, this working relationship has proven to be mutually beneficial: we get materials to sell and the Project gets a market for its inventory."

"I personally feel that Project: Team Work can help to reduce waste because they separate reuseable materials at the jobsite, before the materials get mixed together."

"Urban Ore, local builders and needy families will benefit from the continued success of PTW."

"I support their efforts."


                                                                          Local Contractor Feedback

"Our clients definitely want to recycle."

"Since deconstruction can provide the benefit of a tax write-off, it gives our company a competitive advantage."

"The important issue for many of our clients is that they want the tax deduction."


                                                                                   Client Feedback

"Other charitable organizations couldn't guarantee that all of the materials from our project could be used as a donation. And we were concerned that this would reduce the overall donation value.  The appraiser that we found to be most qualified agreed with us. So we used Project: Team Work because they have so many resources to help the needy."

We are the nation's pioneer in providing charitable donations from residential deconstruction.

Serving the community since 1993, we take pride in providing services that dramatically reduce the tonnage of materials that would typically end up in our local landfills.

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